About Us

Front Line Solutions was formed with one focus…to help corporations maintain their competitive edge in the marketplace. We know that an empty seat in any organization results in a loss of productivity, and affects the bottom line. We at Front Line Solutions use an extensive network in order to fill your vacancy in a minimum amount of time. We maintain our own résumé database on-site, and our recruiters are experts in the Internet, direct, and passive recruiting techniques. In addition, we leverage the use of nationwide recruiter networks in order to fill your requirements fast and accurately. As former senior Air Force members, we bring a current worldwide network of officers and senior noncommissioned officers, from all branches of the service to Front Line Solutions. But most importantly, we’ve maintained our strong ties with the mid-level noncommissioned officer, the heart of our military forces. These are the technical experts, the system administrators, code writers, and system architects that make our military run on a day-to-day basis.


We realize there is no “cookie-cutter” approach to the recruiting industry. Front Line Solutions operates on a contingency, retainer or contract basis. We are a client-driven company, and recognize the unique needs and strategy of each search assignment. Our fee structure hinges on those unique needs and our fees are very competitive as compared to the industry standard. Additionally, Front Line Solutions will stand by our services with a 90-day replacement guarantee for each candidate placed.


We are not merely a résumé clearinghouse. Front Line Solutions will go to great lengths to ensure that only the right candidates are presented to the client. We will perform an in-depth interview with the hiring manager in order to develop a complete and accurate job description to include any special requirements. We will scrutinize each candidate and perform an initial pre-employment screening. Only those candidates who meet the client’s strict criteria will be considered for the shortlist. In the end, the client can rest assured that we will refer only the best candidates with the required skills and experience.