“Guarding the Front Lines of Corporate America”

Front Line Solutions is a recruiting company, specializing in recruiting and placing exceptional candidates in the technical, professional, and executive fields. In addition, we maintain a special focus on active duty and retired military and DoD professionals, especially those operating in critical and classified fields. Our network of military professionals worldwide is unparalleled in the industry and allows us the ability to find those service members possessing unique skills, technical experience, specialized training, and security clearances.

Front Line Solutions knows no boundaries, we operate nationally and internationally. Boasting an exceptional mix of technical and military experience, the team at Front Line Solutions promises to earn your trust and confidence by providing the best possible staffing solutions for your unique organization.

Our Mission

“…to provide the absolute best possible candidates to meet the needs of our clients; to form a partnership with our clients to better understand their operational and staffing needs and to provide the most professional counsel and services possible to ensure corporate and strategic success.”

Create The Best Workforce By Using Experts In Business Recruiting

Your employees are the backbone of your business. The quality of your workforce has a tremendous impact on the success of your company. If you want your company to excel, you need the most qualified individuals in your business operations. Hiring the best people for your staff requires time and effort. However, you may not have that kind of time on your hands. The most effective way and efficient way to find the perfect candidate for the job is to use the services of a business recruiting expert, like FL Solutions.

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Your company no doubt has strategic positions that require someone with exceptional qualifications to fill them. If you just post the position on a job site, you will get dozens, even hundreds of applicants. Unfortunately, most of these will most likely not fit your needs, but you will not know that until you have spent time skimming through these applications. On the other hand, if you use a business recruiter instead of posting it on a job site, you save yourself from dealing with a mountain of applications. At FL Solutions, we do all the vetting for you and can find you the perfect candidate for your business needs.

We specialize in finding amazing talent for professional, technical, and executive positions. When you want the best in the field, they are often not actively looking for a job because their qualifications are in high demand, and they are sought after by recruiters. We are connected to a wide network of professionals and know where to find these exceptional individuals for your company. We will only present the best candidates to you for the interview so you can rest assured that these candidates are highly qualified.

We start by getting a description from you of the position that you are offering. In addition to the required qualifications and experience, you can also include the preferred qualities as well. We can provide guidance in how the job description is worded so your preferences are clearly presented.

After you approve of the official job description, our recruitment team will strategize on how to conduct our search. We are connected to a large network of highly skilled and talented professionals that we can tap into. If we need to broaden our reach, we will also post an anonymized description of the position on professional job boards in the field. We will review and vet the applications that we receive and choose the applications that have the best qualifications.

From this initial group of applicants, we invite each candidate for a short interview to give the candidate a chance to tell us why he or she is right for the job. During the interview, we look for the personal attributes that add to the effectiveness of the individual for this job. From these interviews, we further narrow down our pool of qualified candidates to the few that show the best potential for the job. We present these resumes and interview results to you for you to decide on whether or not to invite them to interview with you.

We understand that each company has its own hiring process, and some processes have multiple stages. You might want to conduct the first company interview to see if the candidate moves forward to the next stage, which might be an interview with your hiring committee. During this time, we keep your assignment open until we receive a decision from you on the candidate. If you feel that the candidate was not a perfect match, we will continue our search until we find the ideal applicant.

Using FL Solutions will save you time in the search process. If you do not use a recruiter, imagine all the time that you or your human resources department would have to spend posting the job, going through all of the applications, contacting applicants, and screening them. This is just to identify the ones who qualify. FL Solutions can do all of the preliminary screening and vetting for you. We will only present to you the applicants who show the most promise in fulfilling your requirements.

Placing the right individuals in the positions will reduce your turnover rate. Our thorough applicant vetting process minimizes the likelihood that the applicant will be a poor fit. We have a high success rate in placing candidates who are committed to staying with the company that hired them. A lower turnover rate means less cost in human resources because you would not have to rehire and retrain employees as often.

FL Solutions can support you in filling your company’s vacancies. You can tailor your position to your business needs. Your vacancy can be a part-time, full-time, or contract position. We will work with your requirements and can identify qualified candidates who fit the employment commitment that you seek.

We can also provide guidance in helping you determine the salary level that is appropriate that will attract the best talent. We are familiar with the market and know what kinds of salaries are expected from talented applicants in various fields. We are also mindful of your budget constraints. We see the situation from both sides can help achieve a balance so that the salary range you offer will be competitive on the market.

We will also help you find applicants who will fit your company culture. We can identify applicants who share the values that your company holds at the core of the business. This is one of the keys to finding the right people for your workforce.

We are aware of the competition for the best talent, and you can rest assured that the search that we conduct is confidential. We will use all of our resources to find you the right person for the job. We know how critical it is for vacancies to be filled on time, and we are committed to placing the perfect job applicant for the position. Let FL Solutions help you create the best workforce for your company and help you achieve success in your business.